Utilizing physical therapy and rehabilitation, Dr. Lonstein and qualified staff spend the time you need to learn about your body to foster faster healing. You’ll find them down-to-earth, approachable, and truly concerned about your health and well-being. They’ll do what it takes to get you to the point of maximum healing! Besides that, you’ll find that they actually talk to you, listen to what you say, understand the pain you’re going through and adapt to your needs during your treatment. This is what makes the care they give so remarkable!

The staff at Lonstein Chiropractic and Acupuncture specializes in finding and eliminating the TRUE CAUSE of your health problems. If your problem cannot be resolved in their clinic, they won’t waste your time or money. You’ll simply get a referral to a health practitioner who can! You’ll also find that there’s one word that summarizes everything they do: EXCELLENCE!

Our mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional healthcare and services to as many people as we can. To make the lives of our patient’s better, to heal their health problems in an effective, efficient and ethical manner. To be positive each and every day. To make our patient’s understand what we have to offer. To leave every patient that comes in contact with our practice in better health then before treatment..

Our mission is to fulfill healthcare needs to as many people we can and therefore fulfill our own needs as a care givers.