All to true, When I take a look at the children who come into the office these days, I can generally break them down into two classifications athletes and video athletes. You know the ones who spend virtually every free moment they have outside of school, working out with their thumbs on video game controllers, cursing and screaming at the television screen while engaging their opponents who may be in the room or across the globe somewhere.

When I look at this headline I find it very disturbing. When I look around the village I find it even more troubling. When I look at my own kids, I know why I throw them out of the house to play outside or participate in school sports. Playing video games is like almost smoking crack, highly addictive with no known benefits. My teacher friends tell me that they have noticed a disturbing trend, when a new hot video game is released on a weeknight say at midnight for marketing purposes the next day you can bet your attendance will suffer among highschoolers. Around the village look at the playgrounds, basketball courts, baseball fields and tennis courts. with few exceptions during the daylight hours ther use is way down. When was the last time you saw a kid with a baseball mitt on his bicycle wheeling around town?

Speaking from my ancient historical point of view as a kid and even a teenager we were forced to look outside of our houses for recreation and entertainment. I know technology has rapidly changed the world in which we live in but at some point we as parents have to put limits on how our kids spend their free time.

This is why I expect my kids to play a school sport every season, in the same fashion they are expected to do their homework every night. Coming home to hang out and play video games or surf the web isn’t acceptable on a daily basis. I understand it is different today, and yes we do have a video gaming console upstairs in the boys lair. But even though I rarely sensor (or even check) what they are playing. The only times they play is after homework and sports are done or on the occaisional bad weather or snow day. .

Certainly, when we push our kids to be more physically fit there are injuries, aches and pains involved. Thankfully most are minor and respond quickly. The downside of an unfit child is an unfit adult who suffers from poor health his or her entire life.

Now which life style would you choose for your child?