Just when you think you have heard every  wacky excuse from a patient for taking prescription pharmaceuticals some one will come up with a new twist. Those of you who follow or know me at all know how dead set against the abuse ( or even use) of prescription pain medications, I am. I just got off the phone after having a conversation with a new patient. This gentlemen came into the office Monday morning complaining of lower back pain. As with any new patient I examined, diagnosed and began treatment. He was scheduled to return the next day and was a no show, the girls tried to get in contact with him and were unable to reach him. On occaison this happens, people come and go in a busy practice sometimes for reasons we are unaware of. This morning a get a buzz while sitting at my desk from Jackie to pick up the phone and speak with this gentleman. So of course he proceeds to tell me he’s sorry he missed his appointment yesterday, but he has spent the last day and a half home sick in bed.. I then asked whats going on and he said after he left the office ( feeling much better by the way) he proceeds to take oxycontin, aka hillbilly heroin when he gets home just in case. I said just in case what? He said, “ in case the back pain got worse.”  I’m saying to myself, huh? What type of sense does this make? None of course. This is the whole point of this story, he reacted to taking the oxycontin by getting violently nauseous and spending the next few hours throwing up. And what do you think he does before he goes to sleep? That right folks he takes another one.

So, I ask him where he got the pills from and he said some other Dr. Prescribed them to him for another injury some time ago. I asked him did he react to the oxycontin then?  He said “a little.”  I said knowing this why would even consider taking this medication again? . His answer, “because my doctor prescribed it to me”

So here I am left to deduce that that people are willing to knowingly poison themselves with addictive medications they know they will react strongly to.

I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but I never seem to understand why people are so willing to do things they know won’t help them, particularly while they are in pain. I understand when you are hurting you want to get better yesterday,. Why are we as a society so willing to jump from the frying pan into the fire without so much as even a second thought?  I see this time and time again.

Another one of my favorites is when people come in after trying every possible medical procedure and medication which fails.  Then say they don’t want to begin a safe rational course of treatment because their GP, Pain Clinic, Neurologist wants to recycle the same failed treatment for the sixth or seventh time. What makes you think the tenth attempt at epidural shots is going to be any more successful than the last nine tries or maybe the third spinal surgery is going to have a good result on the same spot after the last two have failed? I hate to inform you but the odds are against it.

Anyway, I needed to vent, I’d like to know what you think