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Have You Been Considering Acupuncture Treatment?

The Chinese have used acupuncture for thousands of years to eliminate pain in the body, increase energy levels, enhance fertility, stop a cold or flu dead in its tracks, and even assist in blood pressure regulation. Almost every condition of human health can respond positively with acupuncture. The Chinese backed up their system of healing with research studies and in fact, in China, acupuncture is one of the primary healing modalities that is used as their mainstream medicine.

Another component of their mainstream medicine is called Oriental Medicine. This includes Chinese herbs, Gua Sha, Cupping, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Part of the Oriental Medicine system involves taking the pulse and observing the tongue for diagnostic purposes.

Acupuncture - Lonstein Chiropractic and Acupuncture Ellenville

Experience the Benefits … Even If You’re Afraid of Needles

At Lonstein Chiropractic, we realize that you may want the benefits of acupuncture but are queasy about needles. This is understandable. We actually have three ways that we can use acupuncture in your treatment:

  • Electro-therapeutic Point Stimulator, an instrument that uses a probe to touch the different points. This method is great for those fearful of needles.
  • Acupressure. This is where we press the specific points with our own fingers for a specific amount of time to free up the Qi. This method is also great for those fearful of needles.
  • Traditional Acupuncture with the insertion of very fine needles. These needles can be connected to an electrical unit to maximize the flow of energy into the points.

Call the office now to find out if your condition can respond favorably to acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Does it hurt?

People who have acupuncture claim to feel little to no pain. The needles are so thin that there is little to no blood when they are removed.

What to expect?

The Dr. cleans the area where the needles are being placed with alcohol and then inserts them. It only takes a few minutes depending on how many are being used.

How long does it take?

The needles are left in anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour, depending on what's being treated.

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About Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Dr. Lonstein has been thoroughly trained in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine techniques and has been using them successfully with his patients for over 30 years. He finds that many of his patients are willing to try another type of healing modality and satisfied with the results!

Did you know

Modern acupuncture needles are so fine in diameter that they are only about as thick as two human hairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Acupuncture is Performed

Your energy levels, pain levels, health and the feeling of wellness are determined by what’s happening on these meridians. By using the acupuncture system of healing, there are different ways to change what’s happening in your body’s garden hoses. Many people are familiar with the stimulation of the acupuncture points by acupuncture needles. But if they’re already in pain, they imagine that a needle would only increase their pain. Actually the opposite is true because the very fine needle is inserted into the body at specific points to control those spigots and many patients don’t even feel them. The result is a decrease in pain, sometimes in minutes. The needles are so thin that you won’t even bleed when they’re removed.

Can Acupuncture Help You Get Out of Pain or Heal? Can It Increase Energy Levels?

The big question in your mind may be how can this very effective healing system help you in your situation. To answer this, it’s important to understand how acupuncture works. Your body is similar to a plant in your garden. The plant gets nutrients from the soil and water from a garden hose. Let’s say that someone walks by the hose and turns it off. The plant will soon die from no water. The opposite is true also. If someone walks by and turns the hose on high and then forgets about it, the plant can get too much water and also die.

Your body was built with 14 different “garden hoses” that are all connected. Each garden hose supplies energy called Qi to a specific organ. These are invisible channels called meridians. There are different points on those meridians that are like spigots that can be turned on or off to increase or decrease the energy you have each day. If you lack energy or are suffering from a health issue, there’s a strong correlation to blockages, congestion, pain or illness you’re feeling. Once the Qi flows through the body uninterrupted, health and abundant energy can return.

If you have wild uncontrollable energy as in the case of someone with extreme ADD, some of those spigots are turned on to high, full blast! These spigots need to be turned off; otherwise, the body will break down from burnout. By stimulating the points on the meridian, this situation can also restore health and wellness.

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