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Does it hurt?

Cupping does not hurt at all. Most people find it very relaxing. It does leave cup sized circles on the skin temporarily but these don't cause pain either.

What to expect?

Modern cupping uses glass cups with a valve on top that's connected to a small hand operated pump to create the suction. Some oil is applied so that the cups can be moved easily. The friction causes a small, but important, amount of heat.

How long does it take?

Cupping usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

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About Cupping

Cupping is thought of as an ancient Chinese practice but evidence shows it was used by the ancient Egyptians, Native Americans, and early Greeks. In his guide to clinical treatment, Hippocrates, the “Father of Modern Medicine”, recommended Cupping.

Cupping helps to remove toxins and stimulate the flow of blood, lymph and Qi throughout the body. It works well on patients with respiratory problems or diseases, digestive disorders and pain. Those are only a few problems it helps. Call us today and make an appointment to see if cupping is right for you!

Did you know

The earliest recorded use of cupping was by Taoist alchemist and herbalist Ge Hong (281-341 AD). His cups were made out of animal horns.

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