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What do you do in the meantime? Waiting for healing is not fun. Follow-up visits may result in new medication prescriptions after you inform the doctor that side effects are unbearable. But where do these new medications get you? It may seem that you need to be your own doctor to find your own ‘cure’.

There is a better and more effective way to heal from sports injuries and often, it’s possible to do so without dangerous medications. Dr. Lonstein has combined treatment modalities of chiropractic, acupuncture, massage and physical therapy for thousands of patients at Lonstein Chiropractic and Acupuncture.

“We can often heal you more quickly and effectively than the traditional approach,” he says. “While we are doing this, we want you to be active and take control of your health. We have found that those who are actively involved in their own health care have better results.”

Sport Injuries - Lonstein Chiropractic and Acupuncture Ellenville

Understanding how the body heals and how badly you want to get back to playing your sport, Dr. Lonstein can easily decide when your body has healed sufficiently so you can return to your sport.

His treatment techniques are based upon your specific needs. Two basketball players with the same injury would never receive the same treatment protocol from Dr. Lonstein. He also understands that ultimate healing is dependent on addressing each and every one of your concerns. And that’s why he carefully listens and focuses on open communication with all his patients.

If you have a current injury or even an old injury that has not healed, make an appointment to find out if Dr. Lonstein’s services can work for you. All you have to lose is your limited range of motion and your pain!

Sport Injuries

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Sport Injuries - Lonstein Chiropractic and Acupuncture Ellenville

About Sport Injuries

What to Do

If you’re involved in running, cycling, swimming, weight lifting or any other sport and fitness type of activity, there’s a good probability that you will injure yourself. Thankfully, most injuries are minor and because your body is a miraculous machine, it can heal itself without much intervention.

But there are times when sports injuries do need treatment, either in an emergency room or from your general practitioner. The problem is that the home care instructions are often these:

  • Don’t put any weight on your injured body part.
  • Use heat (or ice) when the pain increases.
  • Take the prescribed painkiller or anti-inflammatory medication.

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