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It makes a normal person want to scream, “Can’t I just get some real help? Why is my ‘cure’ worse that my original problem?”

With over 27 years experience as a chiropractor, Dr. Lonstein truly believes that no illness ever is just in your head! If something was not physically wrong, then you wouldn’t feel the way you do.

And although there are no magic pills or shortcuts to restoring you to good health, we know that these things are true:

  • Every patient needs to be treated differently. Even if two patients with the same ailment are the same age, same gender, have two children the same age, their treatment protocols are different. That’s because your health history, stresses, lifestyle, and illnesses are unique to you.
  • To treat you truly as an individual, we have to listen with you at every point of the journey back to health. Listening keeps us attentive to your needs that may change, even on a weekly basis. Our goal is open communication all the time; we want you to tell us what’s happening and likewise, we will always give you the straight facts on your options. f we cannot help you, we will tell you.
  • Patients that are actively involved in their healthcare have better results than those who wait for someone to provide their needs. We want you to share your health goals. We’ll then address them in a priority system that helps eliminate them in a way that maximizes your health without spending decades to heal!
  • Many women’s health problems can be solved without medication.
Treatment for Women - Lonstein Chiropractic and Acupuncture Ellenville

Dr. Lonstein’s 27 years of experience has included the treatment of thousands of female patients with:

  • headaches including migraines
  • neck pain
  • back pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • pain in the wrist, hand, arm, or shoulder
  • hip pain
  • digestive disorders
  • sciatica
  • foot and ankle pain, knee pain
  • fertility issues

In each of these cases, there are MANY advanced strategies that were not used in the past decade, ones that traditional physicians may not be aware of. Not every condition will respond to our treatment but many do!

Isn’t it time you got off that medical merry-go-round? Give us a call today. Let’s spend the time it takes to get you feeling well and healthy!


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Treatment for Women - Lonstein Chiropractic and Acupuncture Ellenville

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Women, Are You on the Medical Merry-Go-Round?

Many of our patients at Lonstein Chiropractic and Acupuncture have been on a medical merry-go-round. They see one physician for a problem, are sent home with a prescription, then another physician for a new problem that developed from the prescription. When that doctor wants to put them on psychotropic medication for depression, anxiety, or panic disorder that didn’t exist prior to the medications, it’s more than frustrating.

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