OK, I Admit It, Somewhere Deep Inside I Still Like Snowdays.  Growing up in the northeast had some inherent advantages for me as a child. Perhaps one of the most exciting days for children has always been the elusive snowday. Which by the way is defined quite differently today in the early 21st century then it was when I was going to school in the late 60′s and early to mid 70′s.

Back then to get a snowday you had to earn one. All the school bus drivers knew how to put chains on their tires and if there were less than six or seven inches of snow your had no shot. Once in great while the school would let us out early when it was really coming down. (But then again in those days I personally used to walk seven miles to school uphill in both directions in below zero weather all winter long in waist deep snow). After school activities were rarely canceled we routinely went sledding at home or on the golf course. Often we went skiing  up at Mount Cathalia. Where, by the way you could buy a season’s pass for forty dollars. Today you can’t get a single day’s lift ticket at most ski area’s for the same money. It also triggered an opportunity for kids to earn some cold hard cash shoveling sidewalks and driveways. All good things.

Today, all it takes is a forecast to get a snowday. A few errant snowflakes and a full fledged snow emergency is called.  A snow emergencyin case your interested is defined as an unexpected shopping opportunity in Middletown, Kingston or Paramus for all employee’s and students of the Ellenville School District. Or a day where you can play on your “Xbox” or “Wii”  uninterrupted for at least eight straight hours until your thumbs fall off, or your parent’s get home and ask you to shovel the sidewalks.  It can also sometimes be mistaken as a government related stimulus to the retail shopping communities in these distant shopping localities.

For me it generally translates into a morning of canceled and rescheduled appointments. Time to do all that paperwork I’ve been putting off. Dealing with phone calls every five minutes from the boys who want me to come home and entertain them. I wouldn’t call it a wasted day at the office just not a highly productive one. Somehow as we age the little things like snowdays begin to lose their spark and become just another chore, obligation, headache or hassle.

Lately I’ve noticed something, maybe a little bit of that spark that was lost somewhere along the line. When one the boys come racing down the stairs from their lair. Sporting a big smile and a twinkle in their eye, planning whatever it is they will do with their bonus day. I miss that, I have to work only until lunchtime today so I’m taking a half a snowday,

I can’t wait!!  For all of you enjoying your snowday be careful shoveling use your legs not just your back. If you do go skiing or boarding today wear your helmet!!!